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Dont ask me why but for the past few hours i've been looking back on my review history here on Newgrounds and I came across pt 1, it was one of the first animations i viewed on Newgrounds. Then i saw this trailer was done in 2010 so i decided to watch it. It's ace and all, like a assumed it would be, but i've just noticed it was submited early this year. Is this still comming out? Because it would be a shame if it didn't. I love your work and can't wait to see this, seeing as ive been waiting for a conclusion for years now!

Brilliant Pilot!

That was an excellent pilot episode, well thought out story, good audio quality and decent animation, I dont mean acceptable, I mean more than. It was funny, great effects and keep up the good work, I was going to give you a 9, but i honestly cant think on how it could be improved, just keep working on your animation skills.
Little FYI, could you perhaps put how long it took to create? I want to follow your series and i get a lot of junk e-mail so i dont read them often, and if it doesn't hit the front page, I dont want to miss it, a time scale is quite useful ;)


Although I love that song, and i was listenning to it WAY before it became popular, surley Rick Ashley would have been funnier

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A few issues:
1. Satellite phone. Erm, NO, you wouldn't. Your ship just sunk, best guess, its not waterproof!
2. Rubbing sticks together. Actually you'd have a better chance hitting stones together.
3. Vaporize sea water. All you'd be left with is salt genius, its the water that evaporates, not the salt.
5. Attempt to kill it. Mabee, but how do you expect to do that when you left your knife on the boat?
6. Make a hammock. Same problem as 5.
7. Swipe it away with your hand. ARE YOU MENTAL?!?!? What you going to do if it bites you? Use a stick or something man!
The rest are fine and very logical. Apart from them it's good, better than what I could do anyway.

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Lare responds:


1. Most Nokia-satellite phones are waterproof.
2. Nope, you wouldn't. Rocks don't burn.
3. You extract the water from the smoke with leaves or an empty bottle. I've tried it and it works.
4. You skipped number 4...
5. Killing it wasn't the right answer anyway.
6. You don't need a knife to make a hammock.
7. Brazilian Wandering Spider doesn't bite moving targets as easily as stationary ones. And most people don't sleep with a stick on them.

Learn to write reviews.

Very creative

a very creative game, FYI, meet me at midnight was so easy for me XD Just beat it and the time is 00:13


Yep its an awesome new concept so on and so forth. Its worth a 5, but i have a problem, i cant see all the screen, the bottom and the right hand side of the screen are missing so i cant see the floor, i dont know wether this is just me or if im not alone, but it makes the game practically unplayable, so ill give you 8/10 5/5

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Its awesome!

I donno, its just so awesome. So awesome. It protects me XDXDXDXDXDXD

I love this. Its so happy and full of energy. Very well composed!

101010101010101010101010/10 XD



All you need for a proper mario party is a 26 pack o your fav, a few mates, Mario Galaxy, paper mario, mario 64 and this!!!!!

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