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A few issues:
1. Satellite phone. Erm, NO, you wouldn't. Your ship just sunk, best guess, its not waterproof!
2. Rubbing sticks together. Actually you'd have a better chance hitting stones together.
3. Vaporize sea water. All you'd be left with is salt genius, its the water that evaporates, not the salt.
5. Attempt to kill it. Mabee, but how do you expect to do that when you left your knife on the boat?
6. Make a hammock. Same problem as 5.
7. Swipe it away with your hand. ARE YOU MENTAL?!?!? What you going to do if it bites you? Use a stick or something man!
The rest are fine and very logical. Apart from them it's good, better than what I could do anyway.

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Lare responds:


1. Most Nokia-satellite phones are waterproof.
2. Nope, you wouldn't. Rocks don't burn.
3. You extract the water from the smoke with leaves or an empty bottle. I've tried it and it works.
4. You skipped number 4...
5. Killing it wasn't the right answer anyway.
6. You don't need a knife to make a hammock.
7. Brazilian Wandering Spider doesn't bite moving targets as easily as stationary ones. And most people don't sleep with a stick on them.

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Very creative

a very creative game, FYI, meet me at midnight was so easy for me XD Just beat it and the time is 00:13


Yep its an awesome new concept so on and so forth. Its worth a 5, but i have a problem, i cant see all the screen, the bottom and the right hand side of the screen are missing so i cant see the floor, i dont know wether this is just me or if im not alone, but it makes the game practically unplayable, so ill give you 8/10 5/5

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Good attempt

Its a pretty good attempt. A few things though and sorry if you know.
The music. Could have been a little more...Epic. Mabee different songs for each game and the menu.
The obsticles. Occasionally after quitting, the obsticles keep scrolling past when im in the menu.
The movement. It would have been worth the effort if the characters moved just by holding the arrow key, rather than tapping it, appart from the last game, in the last game thats kind of the challenge.
Its a hell of a lot better than I could do, so just keep it up, Hope to see you on the front page someday ;)

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StillBeatingPictures responds:

Yes, I'm aware of the items remaining. For some reason flash doesnt like removing attatched movieclips, but they are harmless when other "events" start. Yeah, not epic music I used the same music to keep filesize down.
The dragonite game is sometimes hard as enemies are generated randomly at different (Y axis)points, the doduo one was originally impossible, so I decided to go the other way, polywrath depends on how fast your hands are, it would be boring holding one key. Thanks for the fair, kind review!

Awesome game

Finally just completed your game and i gotta say its incredible, you've really got an awesome idea here, story wise and gameplay wise. Its completly unique, although i must admit really annoying when you lose all your stats, but all part of the game. The artwork is stunning, although I do hope you enrol some help with the cutscene artwork and mabe we'll get to see them animated in the next game? Which brings me too my next point, that looks just as awesome, even if most of the gameplay elements do look as though there missing. Nice twist on playing as the bad character too, something I did not expect in the slightest.

I hope that the next game is a prequel, as the demo suggested that this is going to be the case. "I was a hero once" says to me that he is talking from when we last encountered him on Level Up! and that we are playing a flashback and if this is the case it would fit perfectly, sharing some more of the storyline of this 'great power' and the 'Diety' enterty of which we know barely nothing about, adding story and depth to Level Up!, finishing right where we just left off and perfectly in line for a sequel to Level Up! so that we may follow our 'Hero' on. I hope he gets a name too ;)
I tell you this in detail just in case that this isn't what you had planned, because I think its a pretty neat storyline lul. Anyway, hope this gets read and I shall be waiting fairly impatiently for the next installment.
Sorry this is quite lentgh-y, but an inspiring game deserves a thourogh review

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Epic roll!!!!!! XD

Loved it, Epicroll is deffinatly my favouate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like XD every tim it changed


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This was pretty sweet, but what does WADS mean? Seriously please get back to me


I preferred it when Blockhead narrated it and i can see what you've done, because there haven't been any new blockhead out this year you've gone for the henchmen voice from Mastermind. Still, Blockheads comments and sometimes mispronunciations were enjoyable, adding funny comments would have been good, and kept me looking at each individual section longer.
Still a good end of year scrapbook as we've all come to expect.

A very good game

This is a very good game, with brilliant controls and unlockables. However, i found a few bugs in the game. With my troop moral set to defence, i found that helicopters and artillery sometimes just stood there not attacking, which was frustrating. However, still a good game which ill now carry on playing ^_^

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